I'll be a competent and honest Secretary of State while working with the  legislature to amend the state constitution and  reform the office!

The duties of Wisconsin's  Secretary of State have been diminished so much over the years that it's time to save the taxpayers money and reform the office!

In 1995 the legislature and Governor created the Department of Financial Institutions. "DFI" took over most of the Secretary of State's duties, including the responsibility for business organization filings. 

Then in 2011 the legislature and Governor gave DFI responsibility of oversight of Notaries Public from the Secretary of State. 

In 2013 the legislature and Governor gave  responsibility of publishing laws to the Legislative Reference Bureau.  

In 2010 both Governor Scott Walker and Mayor Tom Barrett agreed it was time to abolish the office!

The Secretary of State's office for the 2013-15 budget receives $1,451,400 and has a staff of 7.5 employees. I believe we can save the taxpayers some money by merging the office with the State Treasurer or eliminating the office all together.   

The Secretary of State is responsible for keeping records and maintaining the Great Seal of the State of  Wisconsin.   I'm capable of handling this responsibility and ask for your vote to be Wisconsin's next Secretary of State!
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